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About Me

Very warm welcome and thank you for visiting my page! 

To be quite honest - writing is not my strongest skill, I would rather express my thoughts and professionalism in a form of photographs.

Which I hope I have done and portrayed my passion for a great image in this portfolio. 
When photographing an event, does not matter of what kind - I like to be "invisible" and view what is happening around me through the lens of a camera. Capturing genuine emotions, families coming together, laughter and smiles and simply being there in a moment freezing the unique essence of the now..

It is very important for me to present the final product to the client in the best quality possible. 

When opening the photo gallery - looking at it once would not be enough. This is  my aim. To invite one to look and relive the day with every image viewed, having goosebumps and watery eyes when bursting with joy. To seize the moments, to freeze those feelings and for one to keep and cherish for many years and

generations to come. 

It is always the honour to have the trust of a client to capture

all the above.

This is photography to me. This is life. This is the art of being here and now.

So the photography will bring people together. 

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