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1st Birthday Cake Smash Photography

  £249 (On a weekdays) 
£295 (On weekends) 

1 - 1,5 hour photo session

20 retouched digital images via download
(Cake is not included)
Additional files can be bought for £15 per image 
(If buying more than 10 - £12 per image)

Guidance on preparing for Cake Smash Session:

Cake: When selecting or purchasing the cake for your Cake Smash session, please take note of the following considerations. Ensure that the cake does not have small decorative pieces that could pose a risk if the little one were to swallow them.

An increasing number of parents are opting for healthier cake alternatives with reduced or no sugar, crafted from high-quality ingredients. This not only makes the smashing and tasting experience enjoyable for your little one but also promotes their health, steering clear of any potential sugar rushes :)

Clothing: I provide a selection of adorable outfits for both boys and girls, and these are already

included in the package price. If you have a specific outfit preference,

kindly let me know in advance, so I can ensure it is properly prepared for your little one's session :)
Alternatively, if you prefer to bring your own, you're more than welcome to do so. 


Important Note: Following the cake smash session, it's typical for the little ones to be covered in cake.

Therefore, I recommend having spare clothing on hand for a quick change. Additionally, it's helpful to bring wet wipes or a towel to clean and dry the child's face, hands, and feet after the cake-smashing fun.

Decorations: In cake smash sessions, the decorations maintain a relaxed, rustic ambiance, embodying simplicity and a laid-back aesthetic. The primary focus is on showcasing the main attraction – the birthday child, capturing their genuine emotions and the joyous cake-smashing moments.

You are warmly welcome to personalise the session by bringing your own balloons or a cherished toy. Your unique additions will contribute to a tailored experience, aligning with your preferences and style.

Booking the session

Please email or call to book in your session. 

There is a *£65 non refundable deposit required to secure the date. 

The amount due for the photography services is payable on a day of the photoshoot.

I am looking forward to work together to craft a session that's truly special and filled with lasting memories!

Your upcoming photo session is an exciting opportunity for us to capture wonderful moments together. Let's create something magical that you'll cherish for years to come!


Photographer Gytė

*Terms and Conditions


  • The Client's booking deposit is non-refundable and is required upon booking to secure the session date and time. The deposit is an integral part of the final payment amount due.

  • In the event of a cancellation initiated by The Client, the deposit will be retained by the Photographer. However, The Client may utilize the deposit to schedule another session within 3 months from the cancellation date. This deposit can only be applied to a new booking during this 3-month period and is contingent on the cancellation occurring at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled session or on the day of The Client’s appointment will result in the forfeiture of the deposit and any upfront payments made.

  • Deposit and upfront payments are only refundable if the session is canceled by The Photographer, and if a rescheduled session cannot be arranged. In such cases, The Photographer will make every effort to find a suitable alternative date and time.

By making a booking and submitting the deposit, The Client acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions. The non-refundable deposit is intended to compensate for the Photographer's time and administrative efforts involved in booking and preparing for the session.

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